Gas production

On-site gas supply

Compressed air, clean and dry, containing 78% nitrogen (N2) and 21% oxygen (O2) is fed into a gas generator of the type PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption). The device filters out desired air gas molecules, O2 or N2, and the resulting gas is collected in a buffer tank for transfer to the application site. The undesirable molecules become exhaust gases.
Read more about the PSA – method.

Gas production systemThe gas production is automatic and adapts to the user’s needs. If the demand ceases for example, the generator switches to a sleep mode. Production is resumed as soon as there is a demand for gas.

The purity of the produced gas is continuously measured by an analyser. The measured value is monitored by the generator’s control unit, which triggers an alarm if the oxygen concentration exceeds or falls below a specified limit.

In addition to maintenance, energy is the dominant expenditure item in operating a generator. The higher the purity of the gas, the higher the power consumption per Nm3 produced gas (kW/Nm3).

Performance and specification for the standard generators

Table generator properties

Two or more generators can run together if there is a need for greater production capacity than shown in the table.

Equipment for gas manufacturing

Table equipment

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