Benefits of gas generator

On-site gas supply can provide advantages in comparison with gas delivered via cylinder or tank:

  • Lower costs and the opportunity of increased profitability
    Examples of expenditure you can avoid:

    • gas
    • rental of gas cylinders or tank
    • transport
    • subscription fee for any service
  • More environmentally-friendly gas supply
    Less need for gas transport by truck or tank truck, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Time savings – no need to handle gas cylinders
    Fewer time-consuming tasks:

    • Check the gas level in the cylinders
    • Order new gas
    • Remove empty cylinders or cylinder bundles from the central gas manifold
    • Connect the filled cylinders
    • Leak detection in connections and replacing gaskets
    • Remove empty cylinders and collect filled ones
  • Improved safety and working environment
    No handling of heavy gas cylinders and potentially hazardous high-pressure hoses.
  • Increased operational reliability
    No need to order new gas.
  • Flexible gas supply
    • Produces only the amount of gas consumed, i.e. all gas is used as opposed to the contents in cylinders and tanks.
    • Maximum capacity can be increased by supplementing or replacing the equipment.
    • A gas plant may be moved to cover gas demand elsewhere.

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